Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lepak : Legacy inherit to the Fockers?! You know what I Mean.. ^^


Yehaa to my paparazzi's.

Sorry bout late update upon my blogwalking status.
I'm gonna share my happy moment with you.

Thanks to my buddy for invite me out to go watch movie,
Little Fockers & Tron eventhough I already watch Tron. Huhu ^^
Don't just download Little Fockers at the web, try enjoy it at
the cinema. It was superb funny from start till the end of the movie.

I feel kind of laugh when Jack want to appoints Greg to the new head of the family, the "Godfocker". Focker or Fucker , Opzzz! Haha... and make me think the that legacy of this family has to be inherit or else we can't get the sequel of Little Focker in the future..^^ Huhu... 

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