Monday, January 10, 2011

Lepak : My Laptop was Missing!!!

Salam ,

Hoyayai!! Today's I want to share my day with u bcoz today I just lost my laptop! Tut**** Damn it!!
The story starts when I went to ACAD (Academic Affairs Division) level 1 to register my MUET after the PCD class. After I register my form at the ACAD with frendz (A, B, C, and D) , I forgot to bring along my laptop when I went out from the ACAD. I was rushed to go to ATM at front of my college to cash out to pay the MUET fees. The A,B,C was noticed dat I didn't took along my laptop by my side bcoz usually I will always put my laptop at my hand. After that, I ask the D to accompany me to go to ATM to cash out my MUET fees. I just daydream without realize dat my laptop has not already at my hand grip. After 10 min bubbling with the D at the ATM area, we came back into the college and I go to hall to see an advertisement bout the theater audition for this sem. After that, I realize I just lost my laptop. I was shock!. I asking D did he realize my blue bag was missing? , but he said dat "I don't know, I just saw you just go out from the ACAD without the blue bag with you. " . I was freaked out and felt like a "cat's mother missing its baby". Without hesitating, I rushed like a speed of light to the ACAD together with the D. D was following me to help for my search. I asked the staff did they say it, but like the same answer, "Nothing here, try to look it more". Then, I try to think back and I feel like I was at the library (level 1) before I went to ACAD. I go there after thinking dat maybe a possibility my laptop was there. Like the same answer , from the my member dat hangout around  the library said " Hah?! Really?!! Try to remember back when & what did you actually lost the laptop from your grip ". I was so tired and sweat after running from that place to another place.

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After that, I go to level 3 at my PCD class to search for my laptop because my mind was so rumble and I can't think rationally. I try to focus but it JAM!!! ARghh!! Then, I go to ask my lecturer at her office (level 1) to ask if she saw my laptop after that class finish. But she say, " I don't know bout it, try to look back at the class". Fuh!! Fuh!! Fuh!! I feel like to faint. I went back again at level 3 at the PCD class but nothing there.
Then, I went back to the Hall(ground floor) to ask them did they saw my blue bag, but no clue for it. Then! , the C come to us. He say try to go up again at the library to search for it. I just running to the library to search for it. I ask the library staff to look up at the CCTV for my laptop. At the CCTV , I saw dat I'm still have my laptop by my side. But after I went out from the library at 11.27pm, I just don't remember when the last I put my laptop. Then, I try to flashback . Then, I go to level 3 and level 2 to search it again.

Lastly , I call my frendz the B. The B said " I was at home", and then he was trying to wake up the A and to ask the A to talk to me. I ask them to help me to come to college. They say they will come to the college after about 10 minutes and ask me to meet them at the Hall area. Finally, I meet them and they ask me " try to look around ". The C was already smile like a Joker's face. Then, I saw that his bag have my blue bag. Tut**** Tut*** ARGGGGGGGGHHH!!! DAMN YOU GUYS!!! Why you don't tell me! They said, "don't forget again your laptop". But I said " Yea I know, but don't prank me like dis again. I almost feel like to get a heart attack from it"

P/S : I'm feel sorry with my frendz (Siti) becoz she just lost her handphone after practice for the theater audition. She text me and said that, her handphone was lost after 2 hour I went back home. I hope the person who take the phone to give back to her. and I also hope dat she can handle the situation calmly.

Don't take other person things, The same thing will happen to you in the future

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