Sunday, January 2, 2011

Notification : FB Info (2)

First 10 People Who Register On Facebook!

1) Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder is the 
person who first registered
with the id number 4. Has a 
24% stake in Facebook.

2) Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is the 
Co-Founder up once 
roommates Mark Zuckerberg 
during their study at 
Harvard University . His 
Id number is 5.

3) Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz is the 
Co-Founder up once 
roommates Mark Zuckerberg 
during their study at 
Harvard University . Moskovitz 
has facebook share of 6% .
His Id number is 6.

4) Ariel Hasit

Ariel Hasit is a good 
friend of Mark Zuckerberg. 
Now he works as an interpreter 
armed of Israel. Id number is 7.

5) Marcel Georgés Laverdet II

not much info about him (low profile),
only a worker on Facebook. 
Id number is 10

6) Soleio

 Soleio is a technical officer of 
 Facebook. Id number is 11.


7) Chris Putnam

 Chris Putnam is a software engineer 
 of Facebook - The only people who 
 have a special avatar on facebook. 
 Id number is 13.

8) Andrew McCollum

Andrew McCollum is a classmate 
Mark Zuckerberg while at Harvard , 
he was the first designer of Facebook. 
Id number is 26.

9) Colin Kelly

A little info about this guy, 
he sure is a graduate of Harvard 
University. Id number is 27.

10) Mark Kaganovich

 Mark Kaganovich is a graduate 
 of Harvard computer science & 
 he is the founder of labmeeting
 a type of social network 
 (like facebook) but is devoted 
 to the scientists.

Try this : 
1) Open your facebook
2) Then, open your account. After that, you will see like this.

3) Change the id=4 <into 4. And then Press Enter. Who will you see ? 

4) If you change it into id=1 <into 1 or 2 or 3, it will run nothing because Facebook start at id number 4. 

P/S : I also don't even know why it started with id number 4. I think id number 1 - 3 is own by the CIA. Hurm...What bout' ur opinion of this statement?

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