Saturday, January 1, 2011

Notification : The Google Search Trick that you don't even realize?

Salam to my geek paparazzio,
Today, I want to tell you bout d advantages of Google Search,
I'm sure after dis you will get much more benefits from it.

1) To solve Mathematics equation :  Just type Mathematics equation that 
you want to solve. Example : “5+4*(sqrt 23)^29=” 

2) To solve the conversion : 
  • For the conversion like Decimal into Binary, 

just type "convert 189 to binary"

  • For the conversion of metrik like in inches and etc. 
Example : "10cm in inches”

    3) To know the weather : Just type "weather + your country name".
    Example : “weather moscow”.

    4) To know the Time : Just type "time + your country name".
    Example : “time moscow”.

    5) To know the restaurants : Example - “Italian food New York”, it will direct 
    give you number phone with navigation picture.

    6) To search the definition : To define the meaning of the word that you
    don't know, just type “define:explosive”. The keyword is " define: ".

    7) To search the word that synonymous : just type “~achievement”.
    The word must have " ~ " symbol.

    8) To search another website : Just type “ obama speech”, please
    ensure that you put this symbol "  " before the word. This will make your
    searching proses become more quicker than you expected.

    Credit : budakbotak

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