Saturday, January 1, 2011

Notification : Teenagers toying Islamic headscarves

If people who are not Islam curse bout' Islam it is a usual thing to them bcoz they don't have faith.But sadly saw that Islam itself distinguished like dis'. Actually, dis' video has been long time posted in Youtube, but now someone juz share it to the web. MeRo not sure bout' dis' whether dis' gurlz know bout' dis' recorded video been spread all over the world.

P/S : Video ni berlatarkan lagu Minah Tudung. Malu la kalau muka tersebar kt tenet pasal bnda2 cmni. Kalau bnda baik, xpa la nk bangga2 sana sni. MeRo harap diarang insaf..

Credit to budakbotak.

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