Saturday, January 8, 2011

Notification : FB Info (3)

Statistics of social networking site Facebook

Statistics of social networking site during the year 2010. These statistics are derived from the notes up Democracy.UK.

Relationship status in 2010:

43,869,800 change the status to "single"
3,025,791 to change the status to "it's complicated"
28,460,516 change the status to "in a relationship"
5,974,574 to change the status to "Engaged"
36,774,801 change the status to "married"

What happens every 20 minutes on Facebook:

Links shared: 1,000,000
Photos marked: 1,323,000
Invite sent: 1,484,000
Wall Post: 1,587,000
Update Status: 1,851,000
Invite a friend received: 1,972,000
Pictures uploaded: 2,716,000
Comments: 10,208,000
Message: 4,632,000

Celebrities Most Admired:

Lady Gaga: 24,712,169 fans
Eminem: 23,729,700 fans
Megan Fox: 19,575,080 fans
Vin Diesel: 19,425,325 fans
Rihanna: 18,903,844 fans
Barack Obama: 17,229,885 fans
Bob Marley: 17,168,034 fans
Lil Wayne: 17,004,850 fans
Justin Bieber: 16,779,874 fans
Shakira: 16,520,790 fans

What would be in 2011? Hope this phenomenon would be more up and great in 2011!

p / s: haha .. Justin lost to Barrack Obama!

credit by sollehahn.

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