Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Travel : The McD's Sri Gombak

McD Sri Gombak

Today, my buddy invite to go for an evening lunch at McD Sri Gombak near the Batu Caves area. Gosh! thanks to them I feel enjoy and full ^^ haha. Masyie called me after her class end at about 2pm but at that time I was at Pak Abu's restorant. I thinking to buy food before go back home. 

I had already bought some :
* Nasi
* Kuah Daging
* Ulam & Petai

Masyie was 5 minutes late to tell me bout' her planning to invite me to go McD. Then, I just said to Pak Abu just wrap on my food , and say to Masyie I will attend it. She told me to meet at the College gate.


That food I sold to Fajar. Thanks to him. If he didn't buy it sure my food been waste just like that.
In my mind , I thought that Masyie want to redeem her promise to me because she already said to me a couple month ago to take me to go hangout. Eventhough, our money didn't receive yet , we still can enjoy our day. Haha^^ . Thanks to Masyie , Nurul and Fajar for that splendid day ! :-)

Ngee!!! Haha , I'm lovin' you guys!
Gotcha! Peace!
Give me 5 dudes!
Masyie & Nurul


  1. walao weyh !! femes lg la nme ak berulang ulang kt blog ko ni.. wakakakak.. btw, thnx dude~ XD

  2. problem. blog aku yg lama aku lupe password. nak kene buat smula. atoyai

  3. ouhhooo.. yeke.. ptt la.. haha..