Friday, December 31, 2010

Travel : My Sister at Hiyama Zoo, Narita , Japan :-)

Grr...I'm jealous today seeing this picture at her profile. Gosh, I want to go travel to Tokyo , Japan and go to Akihabara street's. Geek's tech gadget was all over there. Hurm, but now I just keep dream and watch my sis picture . She will live there for 2 years with her hubby.

Can't wait for her return bcoz I love souvenir. Haha! I'm sure all people love free gift. :-). Onegashimash! Arigato haik Haik! .. Haha

My sister & her husband
Hiyama Zoo, Narita Japan
My Sis is angry like the Lion! Aummm!!
Abg Faisal is the Tiger!
Penguins! Pingu oh Pingu ^^

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