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Notification : Did you know about the Penang bridge history?

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It has been a long time I did not go on holiday at Penang.
To the knowledge of all, the Penang Bridge was opened on 14 September 1985 forpublic transport. The total length of the bridge is 13.5 km, which makes it the longestbridge Posted world. Prior to 1985, to go to the island, transportation is the main ferrynow.


Important dates:
The early 1970s - Tun Abdul Razak proposed bg bridge linking Penang with Province Wellesley

The late 1970s   - Tun Hussein Onn plan for building it

July 23, 1981      - Minister of Works S. Samy Vellu announced that the Penang 
                       Bridge will follow the concept of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

1982                    - construction begins

August 3, 1985   - opening by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad

14 Sep 1985      - Official opening of the bridge to public transport

during the construction
Only once in history, a dinner on the Penang Bridge

Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Penang
and Minister of Public Works with their wife during the opening

A few days before the Penang Bridge was opened to the public transport pass for thefirst time in 1985, people were given the opportunity to walk on the bridge over the13.5km. It's a special opportunity that may not be repeated again, and because the bridge is a magnificent building at the time, thousands of people took the opportunity.

Credit to budakbotak.

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